Special Needs Planning

Special Needs Planning & Trusts For Illinois Children

Being a parent is a rewarding journey filled with love and joy. But if you're a parent in Illinois with a child who has special needs, you understand the unique challenges that come with planning for their future. Estate planning alone can be daunting, and when you add the financial, social, and medical considerations that accompany raising a child with special needs, it can feel overwhelming. That's where Dynasty Law comes in. We specialize in special needs planning and are here to support families in Illinois in creating comprehensive estate plans that ensure the well-being of their child with special needs even when they can no longer be the primary caregiver.

The Importance of Special Needs Planning

One of the most significant challenges in special needs planning is ensuring that your child has the financial resources they need to live a comfortable life without jeopardizing their eligibility for essential government benefits like Medicaid and Supplemental Social Security Income. It's essential to strike a delicate balance. That's where a special needs trust can be a valuable tool. This trust allows assets to be held for the benefit of the disabled individual without impacting their access to public benefits.

The Complexity of Special Needs Trusts

Creating a special needs trust, however, is not as simple as setting aside some money. The rules governing these trusts are complex, and the requirements for your child with special needs will evolve over time, along with changes in the laws governing public benefits. This is why it's crucial to work with an experienced special needs attorney who can create a trust tailored to your child's specific situation.

At Dynasty Law, we understand the intricacies of special needs planning. Our team of skilled attorneys will guide you through the process of creating a comprehensive special needs trust that aligns with your child's unique needs. We'll help you navigate the changing landscape of public benefits and ensure your child's access to vital resources.

Appointing a Trusted Guardian and/or Trustee

In addition to establishing a special needs trust, it's essential to identify and appoint a trusted guardian and/or trustee who will care for your child in the event of your death or incapacity. This person will play a crucial role in managing the trust and making decisions that align with your child's best interests. Our experienced attorneys will assist you in finding the right guardian and/or trustee who understands the specific needs of your child and can fulfill their responsibilities with compassion and dedication.

Planning for Residential Opportunities and Financing

As your child grows older, finding suitable residential opportunities becomes an important consideration. Whether it's a group home, assisted living, or other arrangements, we'll help you explore the available options and identify the best fit for your child's needs. We'll also provide guidance on how to finance these residential opportunities, ensuring that your child receives the necessary support and care they deserve.


At Dynasty Law, we recognize the unique challenges faced by families with children who have special needs. Our specialized expertise in special needs planning allows us to offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your child's requirements. From creating a special needs trust to appointing a trusted guardian and/or trustee and planning for residential opportunities, we are here to support you every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more about our special needs planning services for families in Illinois. Together, let's ensure a secure and fulfilling future for your child.

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