Jacklyn Truppa

Hello! I am Jacklyn Truppa, the founder of Dynasty Law, LLC. I am so happy to share with you the steps that can help protect your family, to provide you peace of mind.

First and foremost congratulations on taking such a courageous step and maybe even going outside of your comfort zone to protect the ones that matter the most to you…the ones you love.

A little bit about me… 

I was born and raised in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago; the youngest of three children, an aunt to three precious nephews, and mom to a beautiful Bengal cat, Jacques! I went to law school with the sole purpose of helping others and to be a voice for the voiceless. I am very fortunate to have such an amazing support group in my life.

Who is my support group?

My family! I know that regardless of the time or the hour…I can count on them to be there for me. I believe there are few constants in life, but the one constant in my life is my family's support.

I spent the first part of my career litigating and defending cases involving significant bodily injuries. I saw firsthand the fear and anxiety that my clients experienced after they learned they were being sued, as a result of being involved in a car accident.

I always made it my main priority to put my clients' minds at ease, by assuring them that they were in good hands. I wanted to make sure they didn't waste their precious time worrying because I knew that I would do everything in my power to protect and provide the highest level of representation humanly possible.

During countless conversations…I remember hearing loud sighs of relief, on the other end of the phone. Every time I heard their sigh of relief or they expressed how much better they felt, it made me feel a great sense of euphoria. It was such an amazing feeling for me because I was fulfilling my main goal of being a voice for the voiceless.

After ten years in private practice, I began to feel frustrated and unfilled in my life's work. I knew I had to explore these feelings because life is too short to be unhappy. During this reflection, I realized that I could no longer provide the level of representation that my clients deserved and that I demanded of myself.

Why did I start to feel like a robot? 

Well, in private practice the top priority became more and more about financial gain and not about being a true advocate to the clients. It was at that very moment, that I became determined to create a life and law practice that truly reflected my values and gave me the autonomy to practice law in a way that prioritized true service to others, rather than driven by financial gain.

I circled back to what was most important to me in my life, and what makes me the happiest. The answer was obvious my family and our time spent together. In that moment of clarity, I knew I wanted to help others protect their loved ones and all they have worked to achieve during their lifetime.

I decided to open my practice, Dynasty Law so I can serve families like yours because I care about what happens to and for the people in our community and I know that by facing the potential for incapacity and the guarantee of death in the new way you are going to make better life choices for the people that you love, and for our community as a whole. 

And, that is why I am doing estate planning. 

Very quickly, I saw that there are two different ways to do estate planning. One was the traditional transactional model which I'm going to describe to you, and the other was the way that I've chosen to do it, which is the new way. And, I'm going to describe that to you as well so you can see what makes me and my law firm different.

Here's what I mean…

First of all, most lawyers and law firms bill on an hourly basis. And, when I spoke with other lawyers that billed by the hour, they said that their clients were often hesitant or even didn't call them because they didn't know how much that call would cost them and if it was worth it. 

The Typical Estate Planning Experience 

The typical experience had become merely writing documents. The client would come in, and lawyers would prepare some documents for them. They'd sign the documents (most often not having a clear sense of what they were signing) and then take the documents, stick them in a drawer, and not look at them again. 

Why open communication is key in estate planning?

When you're creating an estate plan for your family, there will be changes in the future, so the plan you initially create will likely need to be updated throughout your lifetime. You may have a new baby, get married, create a new business, buy a new property or even get divorced. I never want a client to not let me know of these changes because of potential financial repercussions. To me, that is unacceptable, as their plan would ultimately fail when their family needed it most because it's out of date. 

What makes people the most unhappy when working with lawyers?

When working with a lawyer, there is nothing worse than having to hunt them down, when you need them the most! This is a common occurrence more often than not because they don't have the proper systems in place to truly support their clients.

I opened this firm with the idea of bringing back the Personal Family Lawyer relationship where initial planning is just the beginning of the relationship and we're focused on putting in place a plan we know will work for you and the people you love. 

So here, are some of the things we do differently based on my experience with the traditional model of estate planning: 

  1. Nothing we do is billed on an hourly basis. Everything we do is billed flat fee, agreed to in advance, so there are no surprises. You'll know exactly what it will cost to work with us after we've gotten clear about what you want, and you'll even be able to choose your fee. 
  2. We have a team of people here to support you. You'll be able to speak with someone to get your questions answered right away. And, if you need to talk with me about something my team cannot answer, we'll schedule a call so we don't waste your time playing phone tag. 
  3. We see planning as just the beginning of the relationship. In contrast, the plan is typically viewed as a one-time transactional event in the past. 

These are just some of the ways that make our firm different. We're the best for people who don't just want to leave family a set of documents that may or may not work, but instead want to use the estate planning process to pass on a legacy of love with care and ease. And, most importantly keep their family out of court and out of conflict. 

I look forward to speaking with you and helping you to create a plan that will protect the people you love the most, so they won't have to endure any unnecessary pain, while they are trying to navigate through the grieving process. 

So, before we get started talking about you and the people you love, do you have any questions about me, the firm, or anything else that I said or didn't say? I would love to hear from you. Please click on this link to schedule a complimentary phone consultation!

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